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Pastor Gregory L. Wilson


Pastor Gregory L. Wilson, being a Georgia peach grew up in a Pastor’s home. Under the hand of God his spiritual birth was fueled beneath a maternal and paternal lineage of Pastors where he was guided and nurtured by biblical doctrines. Pastor trusted Christ as his Savior and surrendered to God’s calling in August 1982. Two years later the Christian Fellowship Association ordained Pastor Wilson. Within that year, he received his first ministerial assignment to Shepard the flock at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Jersey City where he faithfully remained until 2002, when he received his transitional instructions from God to Shepard the Grace Chapel family to another level in Christ.

In 1995, with the vision of Reverend W.W. Wilson and Pastor G.L. Wilson the commencement of Baptist Brother Bible Institute (BBBI) preparatory school opened its doors to individuals that were called to the preaching ministry where Pastor served as an instructor.

Under the wings of his father Reverend W.W. Wilson, Reverend Eugene “Pop” Walker and Dr. T.H. Rankin, Sr., Pastor G.L. Wilson developed his unique, pragmatic and straightforward approach to the Bible. As a result of these mentors, Pastor is driven and committed to bringing the good news of Jesus Christ each time he graces the pulpit. He has a passion for teaching and preaching the Word of God and through the spiritual guidance of his leadership Grace Chapel has expanded to an intergenerational group of believers.

Our beloved Pastor is a pivotal force in the Christian community ministering to the mind, soul and spirit encouraging the people of God to seek the wisdom and ways of living the abundant life while preparing for eternal life. With his macro-leadership approach, he invests heavily in the spiritual development of the members and friends entering the gates of GCBC by teaching the unadulterated Word of God.

For more than fifty years, the Grace Chapel church family thanks God for His goodness, grace and mercy. Our prayer is that we are Christ-like in our actions and to make the gospel known to others.

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